What You Get

Using AOL Computer Checkup is like having a geek who knows exactly how to improve your PC’s performance on-call, 24/7. AOL Computer Checkup’s one-click, 31-point diagnostic analyzes your PC’s performance and provides a detailed health report. After that, its 24 powerful tools secure, clean and optimize your PC. AOL Computer Checkup was designed to make improving your PC’s performance simple and easy, as well as help you secure your files and protect your privacy online. Computer Checkup optimizes your computer by cleaning up unwanted files, repairing its registry, and defragmenting its hard drive – automatically – working 24/7 to improve your PC performance and keep your system secure. Try Computer Checkup now, and get a free performance upgrade for 30 days (just $4.99 a month afterward).

When you delete applications and files from your computer, all kinds of junk get left behind. AOL Computer Checkup finds this junk, cleans it up, and defragments your hard drive to free up valuable disk space and improve PC performance.

Is your PC acting strangely? Has its performance slowed? Looking for a quick way to improve performance on your PC? AOL Computer Checkup identifies and removes broken and missing registry entries that can cause irritating performance problems. Given the complexity of registry files, this is something you definitely don't want to do yourself.


AOL Computer Checkup helps protect your data and provides an overall system security status for your antivirus, antispyware, firewall and Windows Update software, letting you know whether or not you're protected from the latest online threats. Computer Checkup doesn't just improve the performance of your PC -- it also has file encryption tools to keep your data secure.

Didn't mean to erase that ultra-important file? No idea how to get it back? Without proper protection, that file could be gone forever, but with Computer Checkup, you don't have to worry anymore. AOL Computer Checkup allows you to perform regular local backups and recover lost files. Computer Checkup also back up system files you didn't even know were critical. Don't just improve performance on your PC — keep your files safer and your machine running properly, all the time. Get your free PC optimization today. Sign up for $4.99 days of AOL Computer Checkup for free.

Most people don't worry about their privacy being compromised until it's too late. AOL Computer Checkup removes hidden privacy traces from your internet browsing history and cleans up unnecessary information from recently accessed documents. Computer Checkup's File Encryptor locks up sensitive files and encrypts them from unauthorized access, and the File Shredder permanently deletes files and folders.

Memory Optimization

AOL Computer’s Checkup’s Memory Optimizer tool measures your system’s memory consumption and then optimizes its memory usage. The result? More available memory for your PC and better overall performance.

Improved Laptop Battery Life

Laptop battery losing power too fast? AOL Computer Checkup checks the status of your laptop battery and optimizes its power settings for longer battery life.