Clean and Optimize Your PC

Remember how fast your computer was when you first brought it home? Ah, the good ol' days. Then, as you used your new PC more and more, it started slowing down and having issues. Now, your days together are not-so-good. Well, we're here to tell you that it's no one's fault, and the problem is fixable. AOL Computer Checkup can help get your computer clean and fast again.

While you were emailing and browsing the internet per normal, your PC may have picked up the kind of junk files that slow down performance. Before going out and buying a new computer, or taking your current model in for repairs, try a more affordable, effective solution: Try Computer Checkup free!*

Computer Checkup is an all-in-one PC cleaner and optimization software solution that scans, identifies, and helps fix the common issues that can slow down your computer. If you've been looking for a way to clean the computer of clutter and unwanted files without having to do it manually and risk losing something important, AOL Computer Checkup is here to make your life easier.

With Computer Checkup You Can:

  • Speed up your slow PC
  • Clean the computer of unwanted files and data
  • Clean, repair and optimize your registry
  • Fix common PC errors
  • Remove clutter saved by your internet browser
  • Computer memory optimization
  • Data and system backup and recovery
  • Security and privacy features
  • Schedule regular maintenance
  • And more

What is Computer Checkup?

Computer Checkup is an all-in-one PC cleaner and optimization software solution that identifies common issues that negatively impact your PC's performance and then helps clean up and fix these problems. This keeps your computer clean of unwanted files and applications, freeing up resources and improving performance. Computer Checkup also assists you in securing your computer by ensuring you have installed and properly configured your anti-virus, anti-spyware, firewall, and Windows Update software.

How does Computer Checkup work?

A clean computer is a better computer. By downloading Computer Checkup today, you can optimize and improve PC performance with the following features

  • Disk Cleaner. The Disk Cleaner will clean the computer of temporary files and other junk files to free up disk space.
  • Disk Optimizer. Defragments and rearranges frequently used and large files to improve performance—e.g., reduce startup times, load programs faster and open files faster.
  • Disk space explorer and optimizer. Displays disk space usage so you can find, organize, and remove files and programs to increase available disk space.
  • Duplicate file remover. Identifies and removes duplicate files that have accumulated on your system over time, to keep your machine running clean and smooth.
  • Memory Optimizer. Provides graphic display of computer and memory usage. Defragments utilized memory, optimizes cache, and reclaims memory leaks.
  • Battery Optimizer. Checks battery status and optimizes power settings for longer battery life.
  • Internet Optimizer. Configures system settings to optimize browsing and network speeds; repairs internet connections.
  • Registry Optimizer. Identifies and removes broken and missing entries and defragments the Windows registry.

Additionally, Computer Checkup offers convenient tools to better manage your PC's ongoing performance:

  • PC health check
  • Privacy features
  • PC fixer
  • Startup manager
  • Uninstall manager
  • Local backup & recovery
  • Schedule maintenance

Clean Your Computer Up Free for 30 Days

Want to optimize your PC's performance? Get AOL Computer Checkup and start cleaning out all that old junk from your computer.