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Computer Checkup by AOL

Tune Up Your PC

A PC computer is just like any other machine. To run at its best, it needs regular maintenance and tune-ups. Why should you take the time to tune up your PC when it's running fine (or at least running "OK")? Here are some good reasons to get a free PC tune up from AOL Computer Checkup.

Extend Your Computer's Lifespan

Regular use can wear down a PC. Over time, dust and dirt can accumulate in the machine, shortening the life of the components. A computer's battery life can degrade if a laptop is constantly left plugged in. Extremes in temperature or lack of ventilation can damage a PC beyond repair. Maintain your PC like you would any other machine, and it will last longer.

Get More Work Done

Every minute you spend dealing with hardware or software problems is a minute you're not working (or having fun). Tune up your computer to help keep it running smoothly so you can get more done, whether it's work or play. A free computer tune up from AOL Computer Checkup can make this easy and fast.

Get the Most from Your Machine

To break out the old car analogy: you wouldn't drive around on a car with four flat tires and a half-dead battery — so why use a PC that's bogged down with clutter and running slowly? You paid a lot for your computer — get the most out of it, and tune up your PC for maximum performance.

Protect Your Data

All computers die eventually — that's just a fact of life. But a PC that's plagued with issues can fail that much faster, increasing the risk that you'll lose your valuable pictures, documents, and videos — not to mention the time you'll spend putting it all back together. AOL Computer Checkup can back up valuable data locally, just in case you accidentally delete something critical.

Less Time With Tech Support

Tune up your computer now and then, and you can avoid spending long hours on the phone with your computer vendor's tech support, or irritating friends and family with a lot of computer-related questions. Long hours spent trying to convince someone else to solve your problems is more time spent not getting anything done. Make your life easier and get a free computer tune up from AOL Computer Checkup.

Avoid Costly Repairs

The worst-case scenario, right after complete computer failure, is having to take your computer into the shop to have a tech fix it at a high cost. Tune up your PC with AOL Computer Checkup. Computer Checkup will optimize your PC's performance, clear out clutter, give you local backup for important files, and help you keep your data and privacy secure.